Subscribing allows you to receive regular deliveries of coffee at your desired frequency - weekly, fortnightly, or monthly - never worry about running out of coffee again. See all the coffees you could possibly get from this subscription here: Classic Coffee Subscription

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy a discounted price as compared to making one-off purchases of our coffees from our cafes. 

Here’s how it works!

1. Choose Your Series of Coffees

We have 3 series of coffees that can be subscribed to:

Classic Filter - Light-roasted single-origin coffees, and blends crafted in-house from them. Each bag contains 200g of coffee.

Classic Espresso - Medium-roasted single-origin coffees, and blends crafted in-house from them. (Dark roasts are also available for those who like them!). Each bag contains 200g of coffee

Piano Black Premium Series - Light-roasted, premium single-origin coffees with rare and exceptional flavours. Many are either rare varietals of coffee (e.g. Geshas), grown in very small batches (micro/nanolots), or have had special processing methods applied to them. Each bag contains 120-160g of coffee (depending on the type of coffee).

Each delivery, you’ll receive a bag of coffee from the series you’ve selected. The exact type of coffee is specially selected by our roaster.

2. (If you don’t have your own grinder) Select Your Grind Size

If you don’t have your own coffee grinder, we can pre-grind your beans for you to the size that suits your brewing method. 

3. Choose Your Desired Delivery Frequency

Choose how often you’d like your coffee delivered - weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Once subscribed, you may freely pause your subscription, skip your next order or cancel your subscription via the Customer Portal. For other changes (e.g. changing your next order date), feel free to contact us via the chat box on the website.

Still can't decide, and asking yourself "WHY SUBSCRIBE?" Okay okay here's the pitch


1. Low entry price starting from $17.00/delivery

2. Selections not limited by price; coffee of the finest quality at one fixed subscription price; a huge discount off regular retail pricings

3. Continuous discovery of new coffee as we tirelessly source and curate new offerings throughout the year

4. Consult our professional baristas for brewing advice via the chatbox below

5. No obligations – cancel anytime

Dissatisfied with our beans? Contact us to get a full refund, no questions asked.