How a Coffee Hand Grinder Changed my Life

How a Coffee Hand Grinder Changed my Life

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When I first got into coffee, I used to rely solely on pre-ground coffee. At the time, I felt that a grinder was expensive! I just wasn’t ready to part with my money :”). However, my perspective completely changed after I invested in a coffee hand grinder. This simple addition opened up a world of possibilities in my coffee journey. 

Complete Control

Owning a coffee hand grinder gave me complete control over grind size. With pre-ground coffee, it was challenging to achieve the perfect cup since I was stuck with whatever grind size I got from my roaster. 

However, with a grinder, I could adjust the grind size perfectly to match the brewing method I was using, whether it was for pour over, french press, or moka pot. I could even fine-tune the grind size for a particular brewing method to match my specific taste preferences. This simple change resulted in a noticeable improvement in the quality of my coffee, with each cup being richer and more flavorful.

A Deeper Appreciation

On top of improving the flavour of my coffee, owning a coffee hand grinder helped me to become more mindful and present when making my coffee. 

Before owning a grinder, I often rushed through the process, neglecting the details. After all, what details were there to note? Coffee at the time, to me, was just a matter of adding the right amount of coffee powder to the right amount of water. 

But grinding your coffee fresh, by hand, is a deeply satisfying experience - and I couldn’t really understand that until experiencing it myself. The feeling of anticipation as you turn the handle, and you feel the grinder purr in your hand. You hear the sharp blades of the burr sing as the comforting, sweet smell of coffee gradually fills the room. Before you know it, you feel the resistance in the handle cease completely. That’s your signal. You unscrew the catchbin and are rewarded with freshly ground, aromatic coffee. You made that.


Perhaps I’m being dramatic, but this ritual of grinding engaged my senses and brought a sense of calm and focus to my mornings. I often started my day rushing through my routine - it wasn’t something I got satisfaction from, or even thought about; It was just something I needed to do. But this opportunity to slow down and appreciate what I was experiencing filled me with a sense of contentment and served as a reminder to enjoy the moment.

There’s Better, and There’s Worse

Up to this point, I’ve done nothing but sing the praises of hand grinder. But the truth is, not all burr grinders are made equal. Some have ceramic burrs, while others have stainless steel burrs. 

Based on my experience, coffee grinders with stainless steel burrs are far superior as they allow for effortless grinding and produce coffee grounds of much higher quality. These higher-quality coffee grounds ultimately result in a far superior flavour in your cup of coffee.

On top of that, stainless steel burrs are much sharper and require much less effort to grind with. Remember that whole meditative experience I was just talking about? I can only have that if I’m using stainless steel burrs. Ceramic burrs work for making coffee too - but your experience changes from a zen, meditative one, to a full upper-body workout. I won’t prescribe what you should do, but I personally enjoy one of these much more than the other ;).

Hand Grinding Coffee - I Love You

In conclusion, owning a coffee hand grinder completely transformed my coffee journey, enabling me to have greater control over the quality of my coffee, experiment with different recipes. and become more mindful and present when making my coffee. 

As a coffee lover, I wholeheartedly recommend investing in a coffee hand grinder to take your coffee experience to the next level. Open up a world of possibilities and change the way you think about and enjoy coffee. 

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