Starting a blog is a new beginning for us, not just as a business, but as a way to connect with our customers on a more personal level. It's a chance for us to share our love for and knowledge of coffee, and to create a deeper sense of community. We are excited to embark on this journey and look forward to growing and learning alongside our readers.
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Starting a Blog!

Hello! After 4 years of working with coffee, We’ve decided to start a blog to discuss the many interesting coffee-related topics that we’ve thought about over the years, but never had a chance to discuss, so stay tuned to this page! But before that, introductions are in order:

Who are we?

Venture Drive Coffee was founded by ex-musician Yuk Wong, and ex-banker Chng Xueru with a shared passion for coffee.

The Musician

First, a former professional keyboardist, who spent over a decade honing his craft in various performances both domestically and internationally. His performances have also been featured on national television and MTV Asia. Today, he has decided to apply the skills, passion, and ethos gained through his musical journey to another one of his passions: coffee.

An artist and performer turned coffee roaster, he understands the importance of paying attention to details. He views the pursuit of crafting the perfect cup and roast as a never ending quest. He sees coffee-making as an art form, similar to music, and emphasizes the need for precision, a focus on the minutiae, and a willingness to try new things. The goal is to achieve a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas that not only taste delightful but also evoke an emotional response in the person consuming it.

Accordingly, he believes that perfection is a process, not a destination. It's about constantly striving to improve, refine, and push the boundaries of what is possible. It requires a willingness to experiment, learn, grow, and adapt. The pursuit of perfection is an ongoing journey, and this is what makes the pursuit of perfection so rewarding and fulfilling.

It is his ongoing dream to bring this artistic ethos to the world of coffee-making. He wants to create a place where people come together and experience the joy, happiness, and beauty of a perfectly crafted cup of coffee.

The Banker

Next, there’s the ex-banker, who possesses a unique combination of business acumen and great people skills. These two qualities, along with a customer-first approach, make Venture Drive Coffee stand out from the competition.

She began her career in the banking industry, where she quickly rose through the ranks to become a top performer. During her banking stint of more than a decade, she learned valuable skills such as financial management, strategic planning, people management and risk management, which have been instrumental in steering the ship that is Venture Drive Coffee.

Her natural ability to connect with others and make them feel at ease has been invaluable in building strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees. She’s a natural leader at leading and fostering family-like teams. This approach has been vital in creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere at Venture Drive Coffee for all partners, team members, and most importantly, customers without whom we are nothing.

The Team

Our founders lead the team at Venture Drive Coffee: a skilled and knowledgeable group of individuals who are dedicated to providing an enjoyable customer experience, regardless of the customer's level of knowledge about coffee. We are dedicated to providing a satisfying experience to every customer who walks through our doors. Our team members possess not only expertise in the art of coffee-making but also a deep passion for it. We believe that learning is an ongoing process and we value honest feedback, whether it's positive or constructive, as it helps us to improve and offer the best possible coffee experience. Open communication and engagement with our customers is important to us as it enables us to provide the best possible memorable coffee experience.

What’s Coming Up?

We’d like to use this blog to share our experiences with coffee, including topics such as:

  • Our experiences roasting, brewing, and tasting our new coffees;
  • The different types of coffee beans and their unique flavor profiles;
  • Brewing techniques for different types of coffee;
  • The latest developments in the specialty coffee space;
  • and many more!


We hope you keep watching this spot! See you at our next post :).