Manantiales Del Frontino Washed Yellow Bourbon

Manantiales Del Frontino Washed Yellow Bourbon

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Grind Size:Whole Beans
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2011 Coffee Of The Year - SCAA Conference

2018 Colombia Cup Of Excellence 🥇🥉

Siblings Andrés and Olga Londoño are third-generation farmers of the Manantiales del Frontino Estate. The 170-hectares estate is in Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca, Colombia; one of the country's most prestigious coffee enterprises.

The farm has more than 10 varieties of coffee in different altitudes between 1500 and 2000 masl, planted along with native forests and pure meltwater from the central mountain range (Cordillera Central), which potentiates the best attributes of each variety to achieve cups and outstanding mixtures.

Team Londoño have pushed the quality envelope far with thoughtful planting and development of varietals like Geisha, Red and Yellow Bourbon, Castillo and Colombia. In 2012, they gained recognition by the Rainforest Alliance for superior environmental stewardship.
For having the Rainforest Alliance, the farm must be diverse and that is why you can find platano trees, avocados, and a big part in native trees, preserved by local authorities.

Originally from Yemen, bourbon is an arabica variety well known in the world of specialty coffee. Our Yellow Bourbon lot comes from a sector of the farm at altitudes ranging 1600-1810 meters above sea level. The coffee is fully washed, with pre and post-fermentation steps carefully taken to highlight the beautiful elegant nature of this coffee.




Region: Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca, Colombia

Farm: Manantiales del Frontino

Producer: Andrés Londoño

Variety: 100% Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1,680 - 1,810 M.A.S.L