Manantiales del Frontino Semi-Anaerobic Double Fermentation 72 Hrs Gesha

Manantiales del Frontino Semi-Anaerobic Double Fermentation 72 Hrs Gesha

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Manantiales del Frontino Semi-Anaerobic Double Fermentation 72 Hrs Gesha

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This ninety one plus competition series Gesha comes from the Manantiales del Frontino Estate. Ran by siblings Andrés and Olga Londoño who are third-generation farmers of the estate. The 170-hectares estate in is in Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca, Colombia; one of the country's most prestigious coffee enterprises.

The farm has more than 10 varieties of coffee in different altitudes between 1500 and 2000 masl, planted along with native forests and pure meltwater from the central mountain range (Cordillera Central), which potentiates the best attributes of each variety to achieve cups and outstanding mixtures.

Team Londoño have pushed the quality envelope far with thoughtful planting, with attention given to the smallest of details to bring out the best of their crops. Research on new processes are also constantly experimented to highlight sophisticated and unique flavours from their coffee. They believe in passing on positive energies to their coffee cherries and seeds; words of gratitude and love are spoken to them, written on walls of fermentation / storage areas and equipments. They also played special music in their temperature-controlled warehouses, believing that music vibrations are a good source of energy to the development of the seeds and might have an impact on flavour and quality given how it has been proven plants and seeds can sense the environment that surrounds them. 

Only ripe cherries at 23 Brix are picked for this Gesha lot. Processed by a semi-anaerobic double fermentation; first in cherries, and with the fruit pulp on for 72 hours before being washed. The coffee are then dried in 3 phases by a mixed of sun-dying, and mechanical silo with temperature control below 40 Celsius until 14% moisture content is achieved. 


2011 Coffee Of The Year - SCAA Conference

2018 Colombia Cup Of Excellence 🥇🥉



Region: Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca, Colombia

Farm: Manantiales del Frontino

Producer: Andrés Londoño

Variety: Gesha

Processing: WSemi-Anaerobic Double Fermentation 72 Hrs

Altitude: 1,680 - 1,810 M.A.S.L