Hartmann Estate Winey Natural Pacamara (Panama)

Hartmann Estate Winey Natural Pacamara (Panama)

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Roast Profile:Filter Roast
Whole Beans or Grounded?:Whole Beans
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Hartmann Estate Winey Natural Pacamara (Panama)

Filter Roast / Whole Beans

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This is a unique Pacamara lot from the Hartmann Estate in Panama. The Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) created the Pacamara hybrid in El Salvador in the 1950s. The variety is a cross of Pacas (a Bourbon mutation) and Maragogype. The Pacamara plant is relatively short with high productivity and is prized for its large cherries. The name comes from the first 4 letters of each parent.

After harvest, the coffee cherries are pulped. The coffee and mucilage is moved to raised drying beds. Throughout the drying process, the cherries are visually inspected to remove damaged or over- and under-ripe cherries; and then laid in thin layers on raised beds. Raised beds allow for better airflow throughout drying that help prevent over-ripening, fermenting or spoiling. This small-scale, careful execution of the natural process is what the Hartmann Estate has called the "Winey" Natural process in order to differentiate it from the larger-scale Natural process that is carried out in Brazil.


Product Info 


Region: Chiriqui, Panama

Variety: Pacamara

Processing: Winey Natural

Altitude: 1,260-1,500 M.A.S.L


Roast Profile


This coffee is roasted for filter; and is recommended for brewing using the V60, Kalita, Mugen or other drip / immersion coffee makers.