Mexico Siltepec Washed (Organic)

Mexico Siltepec Washed (Organic)

This organic micro-lot comes from cooperative GRAPOS based primarily in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.


This is a coffee collaboration with Compound Coffee Co to help raise funds for the farmers in the region.


Funds will be used to:

- buy 3 moisture meters for the co-op farmers to share 

- to provide education on specialty coffee requirements

- to provide accounting template for farmers to incorporate and help manage their finances


Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state, has long been known for its high grown coffee. The largest producing state in the country, with high altitudes and plentiful water sources, Chiapas has all the potential for high quality coffee production. The socio-political landscape is not without its challenges, however. Years of disinvestment at the level of the state has left the state’s overwhelmingly smallholder farmers at a great disadvantage, for the most part underprepared to confront recent crises such as climate change, the appearance of coffee leaf rust and aging plantation age (not to mention general economic stagnation in rural communities).


The producer organisation Grupo de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentable (GRAPOS) S.C was formed in August of 2007 in order to give smallholder farmers a leg up in facing these challenges.


GRAPOS’s mission, above all, is to be the leading group of coffee producers in Chiapas. To them, this means offering an exceptional and sustainable product to their clients whilst also ensuring social and economic development for their members. In order to achieve this mission, they invest heavily in training and financing for members, providing essential services including access to pre-harvest finance, technical assistance and community development programs.


Most members of the group utilize 100% organic means of production. The work done annually consists of cutting and removing branches after harvesting, two phases of weeding and an application of compost, all of which is work executed by the owners of the plots and their families. During harvest, around 3 passes of selective handpicking are made. After being harvested, the cherries are pulped on the producers’ own farms and then fermented in tanks or other containers for approximately 20 to 24 hours before being washed in clean water. After being fully washed, the coffee is delivered to cement patios where it is regularly raked and dried until it reaches the optimal humidity of 11.5 to 12%.