Jairo Arcila Honey Cinnamon

Jairo Arcila Honey Cinnamon

Grown by Jairo Arcila at Finca Villarazo and is the second highest bidded coffee at the recent Singapore Specialty Coffee (Micro-lot) Auction.


This coffee was picked and transported the same day to La Pradera, Cofinet's processing centre. This was where the honey cinnamon process was invented. Coffee were exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours. During this period of fermentation, tartaric and cinnamon were added to the anaerobic environment.


After the processing was done, the coffee were then placed on raised beds below 35 degree Celsius until moisture content was reached.



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    Region: Armenia, Quindio


    Producer: Jairo Arcila


    Processing: Honey Cinnamon


    Altitude: 1400 - 1500m


    Variety: Pink Bourbon

  • Roast Profile


    This coffee is roasted for filter; and is recommended for brewing using the V60, Kalita, Mugen or other drip coffee makers.

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