Brazil Oso Pardo Natural
  • Brazil Oso Pardo Natural

    Introducing this simple yet an unforgettable taste of a cup of Brazil Oso Pardo Coffee ~ this  varietal coffee is sourced from the region of Sul De Minas, grown by generations of coffee producers carrying on the family tradition whose farms have won awards in the recent years. 


    The practice is measuring the cherries’ Brix levels “°Bx” in order to check the level of maturity (ripeness). The handpicked ripe cherries are cleaned with water in a density sorter machine where the floaters are separated there before being taken to the drying patios. 

    The cherries are constantly turned with rakes to prevent the formation of mold, and to evenly dry all beans to the same moisture levels. The dried coffee cherries are hulled to removed the coffee cherry skin and then re-sorted according the export requirement, hence a consistent cup profile.


    Oso Pardo is an excellent and versatile coffee for milk and espresso based. Low-med cherries liked acidity and full bodied chestnut, with hints of brown sugar and a chocolate finish. Our choice of beans for our cafe’s white and black coffee!


    'Obrigado, desfrute de um toque diário de Café Oso Pardo', which translates;

    Thank you, enjoy your daily cup of Oso Pardo coffee.


      250g. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


      Delivery within 2 business days.

      FREE DELIVERY for orders over $30.