Brazil Micro Carmo
  • Brazil Micro Carmo

    Brazilian coffee production are usually done on flat farm lands of relatively low altitudes (between 900 - 1300 MASL). This allows the usage of harvesting machines, making Brazil the world’s second largest coffee producer as harvesting is made very efficient.


    The Micro Carmo coffee originates from South Minas Estate - in the region of Sul De Minas, that have received a series of awards over time, an indication of their commitment to quality excellence. 


    The Micro Carmo is a blend of 70% Yellow Bourbon and 30% Yellow Catuai to give a complexity of a rich body that carries fruitiness & gives a nuttiness finish.


    The process of this coffee is simple yet hardworking. When harvesting is done, the cherries are separated by density, then delivered to the patio for sorting. 

    Thereafter they are sun dried for optimal moisture level while absorbing more nutrients and sugars for a complex sweet flavour and a heavier texture profile.


    This coffee is great on espresso or as a low-mid acidity filter. 


      200g. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


      Delivery within 2 business days.

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