Consistent, high-quality coffee


As a business owner, you want to serve your clients excellent coffee without fail. Let us help you with that.

We'll provide you with batch after batch of high-quality roasted coffee. All that's left to satisfy your customers is for you to brew and serve.


Customised Blends

Maybe you want a familiar, welcoming taste that everyone will love. Maybe you want an exceptional flavour that will make you stand out from your competition.

No matter what it is, we've got a coffee that will suit your purposes. Let's discuss what you want for your business, and we'll get you there.

Invitations to tasting sessions

Farmers are constantly releasing new coffees. Consumer preferences are ever-changing. Stay on top of the game by attending our tasting sessions and learn to communicate the value of your product to your customers.


We're constantly bringing in new coffees, and we want you to try them. Keep your options open so that when you'd like to give your customers something new, you'll have something up your sleeve.

OEM Retail

Coffee brewing at home is getting popular - so let your customers take your brand home with them.

We'll package roasted coffees with your branding on it, so you can establish your brand's presence even outside of your establishment.

Choose your Brand's Unique Flavour

A Vast Selection of Coffees