Ipanema B70 Natural Yellow Bourbon

Ipanema B70 Natural Yellow Bourbon

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Roast Profile:Filter Roast
Grind Size:Whole Beans
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This beautiful Brazilian coffee was brought to you by the farm Fazenda Rio Verde; 626 hectares on the top of the Mantiqueira Mountains, with 34 different terroirs above 1,000 meters of altitude dedicated to produce high score coffees. At the cupping table, we're getting a really delightful coffee that has the sweetness of tangerines / mandarin oranges, tartness of apricots, with a creamy and tactile honeydew-liked body.

Beginning in 2018, Ipanema began their ‘Premier Cru’ range: a selection of very small batch, handcrafted lots from the highest altitudes of the Estate’s oldest farm, Rio Verde. This range of Premier Cru coffees is packed in cutting edge nitrogen-flushed vacuum-packed 20kg cartons. The method of nitrogen flushing, common with roasted coffee, stabilises the product by removing all traces of oxygen. Taking such care with green coffee is practically unheard of, even in specialty. The method speaks to the exceptional quality of these lots, which push the boundaries of what specialty coffee in Brazil can offer.

Rio Verde is a large farm with much of the farm lying between 700 and 1,000 metres above sea level. However, just over 260 hectares of the farm rise above 1,000 metres. This part of the farm, which rides several peaks, is separated into 32 ‘glebes’ (plots), all of which have different altitudes and sun faces, soil composition and a single varietal each (A=Acacia; B=Yellow Bourbon; C=Yellow Catuai). It is from these ‘glebes’ (ranging from .65 to 20.13 hectares in size) that the Premier Cru range is carefully harvested.

All of these special coffees are selectively hand-harvested and processed using one of five processing methods, selected on a lot-by-lot basis, and based on a variety of factors and designed to highlight the maximum quality of the cherries. This 100% Yellow Bourbon lot from Glebe B70 was selectively hand-harvested and then processed using the Natural method. After harvest, the cherries were dried on raised beds for 507 hours.




Region: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

Farm: Fazenda Rio Verde

Owner: Ipanema Agricola

Variety: 100% Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1,092 - 1,152 M.A.S.L