Andres Guaca Rum Aged Pink Bourbon
Andres Guaca Rum Aged Pink Bourbon

Andres Guaca Rum Aged Pink Bourbon

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Roast Profile:Filter Roast
Grind Size:Whole Beans
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Grown by Andres Guaca at Finca Guacanas.

This coffee is harvested following a strict ripeness criteria, exposed to a dry fermentation of 56 hours inside GrainPro bags. Afterwards, it is pulped, gently washed and dried on raised beds until an ideal moisture content is achieved. It is then rested inside rum barrels for 40 days, and milled.

This microlot is 100% Pink Bourbon - a varietal currently under research in order to determine its origin. It is thought to be a mutation that took place at 2,100 M.A.S.L in San Adolfo, Huila. 


Product Info 


Region: Finca Guacanas, San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Processing: Natural, Rum Barrel Aged

Altitude: 1,700 - 2,000 M.A.S.L


Roast Profile


This coffee is roasted for filter; and is recommended for brewing using the V60, Kalita, Mugen or other drip / immersion coffee makers.


This coffee is roasted for espresso, and is recommended for use with coffee machines. Enjoy it on its own, or with milk to taste!