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Espresso Subscription

Do you regularly make coffee using a coffee machine / moka pot / flair espresso maker? These coffee are specially curated and roasted for you.

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Filter Subscription

Do you enjoy the therapeutic brewing process of pour-over coffee? Coffees here are lightly roasted to retain their inherent aroma, sweetness and acidity.

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Piano Black Series Subscription

Coffees in this series are sourced from award-winning farms, micro or nano-lots and smallholder estates from around the world in small quantities!

Only distinct and standout coffees will be made available to showcase.

For those with discerning tastes, inquisitive approach to exploring coffee, you cannot miss this.

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Coffees are seasonal and may run out of stock. We will contact you if your selected coffee becomes unavailable and offer alternatives. We will NEVER let you feel shortchanged.

We will automatically suspend your subscription on your behalf if you happened to be uncontactable. Simply contact us when you want to continue.